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Qarrington is a challenger stock exchange, where companies of all types draft subscriptions to raise funds just like doing an IPO on the Nasdaq so subscribers can buy and sell subscriptions just like trading stocks.
Create an account today, it's 100% free.
Select a free or paid account plan.
Find, filter, and sort listed companies.
Buy subscriptions with your card.

Tap into subscription liquidity & jump-start your subscription portfolio today without regulatory scares or threats.

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Draft or trade SUBSCRIPTIONS according to your needs.

Receive automated bank PAYOUTS within days without delays.
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Receive automated payouts in more than 120 countries.
monetize transactions
Earn a % cut from your referred users' transactions.
diversify portfolios
Hedge your stock or crypto portfolio with subscriptions.
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Earn a % cut from your referred users' premiums.
build wealth
Get paid directly to your bank account within days.
monetize proceeds
Earn a % cut from your referred users' drafts.

Get a % share from premium renewals.

Earn a % cut each time your referred user renews their monthly premiums. What you'd earn is based on the current plan of your Qarrington account.
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Build a better revenue model within days.
Drive revenue growth without limitations.
Scale & grow to more consumer end users.
Unlock new revenue streams with ease.
Monetize Qarrington's backend technologies.
Reach more consumer end users globally.

Earn a % share from every push transaction.

Receive a % share when your referred user submits a push or sell request. This reward is based on the current plan of your Qarrington account.
Compare subscriptions with cryptos

Receive a % cut from every draft launched.

Get a % cut each time your referred user receives draft proceeds. This percent earning is based on the current plan of your Qarrington account.
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Boost consumer end user engagement.
Win and retain more consumer end users.
Hedge your current revenue model.

Build & jump-start your subscription portfolios with ease on Qarrington.

Tap into the unique opportunity to (1) buy subscriptions during and after a company's draft and (2) buy, sell, and trade subscriptions after an early-stage startup company is listed on Qarrington.
build wealth
Leverage subscriptions to build sustainable wealth.
diversify portfolio
Use subscriptions to hedge your stock portfolio.
hedge assets
Turn subscriptions into a new investment class.
boost liquidity
Discover hard-to-find subscription liquidity.
spread risks
Hedge your crypto portfolio with subscriptions.
skip deposits
Buy subscriptions directly with cards, no deposits.
Without Qarrington, we don't think it'd ever be possible for us to let our retail and institutional investors diversify their traditional investment portfolios with subscription assets.
Founder @ Splash

Qarrington, Inc. does not collect deposits from subscribers or hold funds in any form or whatsoever. Subscribers buy the subscriptions of listed companies directly with credit or debit cards and receive automated withdrawals to their connected bank accounts each time subscriptions are sold.